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Today is the first day you can download my newest book, Conversations with “St.” Paul: The Homosexual. This book is for all who have been wounded by an extremist Christianity that loves to condemn people instead of recognizing that the human shadow is our repressed Divinity. We are One. I desire to bring healing to those deeply wounded by shame and guilt theology and those who preach it. I have a very interesting time conversing with Paul. You will find some unexpected twists and turns and I too, get caught in some judgments, and then open the door to deeper healing. Come cry with me, yell with me, and heal with me, on the journey to owning our own shadows and healing deep within. As I talk with Saul, Paul, and then “St.” Paul, you will know that you’ve never before read a book like this one.  Are you tired of living too small? You can step out of that into your rightful Divinity–the kingdom of heaven within–as Jesus said was the case. What wounding lies about yourself have you believed? You can live larger than those who want to keep you as small as they are! Your Divinity is the Light that Jesus said was “the light of the world.” You are IT! Claim it and become that, more and more. Bless you on your path. Let’s shine!

As a heterosexual, I strongly support my friends in the lgbt community. They are equally as Divine as I and maybe more as they have the capacity to be a greater balance of the female and the male within.

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