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Where are the Healers in our midst? Yesterday and today I’ve been helping a neighbor who is almost 90 get to the hospital for some surgery. So, I’ve missed blogging the past few days. My neighbor’s doctor told me today that he doesn’t think it will be long before there will be few if any doctors providing medical services except for anyone but the super wealthy. I pondered that for a few minutes and then thought about how we could manage without doctors and healthcare. He may not be right, but the question is valid. What did people do before there was an American Medical Assoc., drug company chemicals, and high health care costs? What are we dependent upon? Maybe it is time that the healers among us take their rightful place for the healing of humanity. We all have healing energy flowing through us because of The Divine Within! It is time to recognize this, claim it, and learn to practice healing together. “And they laid hands on the sick and they recovered” is a phrase describing the early followers of the Aramaic Jesus. We can and we must return to claiming our Divine Self and sharing healing with one another. We can do this! Only in a spiritual community can we realize our fullest potential. More on this later.


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