Celebrating Our Mistakes

The Beauty of Our Mistakes

Why do our own shadows reveal in all that we see around us? Why are others but a mirror for ourselves to see who we are? What I can’t see in myself is always on my “radar screen” when I look at others and prevents me from seeing them just as they are! When I am able to look at my mistakes, own them, understand why I did what I did, choose to transform my shadow self, and choose to see others without my baggage, only then do I see who is around me. See my book: Conversations With ‘St.’ Paul: The Homosexual–Owning Our Shadows and Healing Deep Within. The more free I am of my old self, the more I can claim my Divinity and be more real than ever. My healing awaits my honesty. The more real I am, the more I experience Love in my life.


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