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Healthcare! As a followup to my last blog, I want to share an important insight that I’ve learned from the Aramaic. We know that Jesus was a powerful healer of major health issues like blindness, deafness, and many other maladies. I’ve been exploring for years just what it was that he did and how he did it. Since he was human (not part of a theological trinity) he said that the works he did we also can do and even more. But how, I’ve wondered. I’ve personally seen healing happen by anointing people with sacred oil and asking for their healing. Years ago I did that for a woman in the little church where I was the minister. Her husband called me an hour later and said that she had been completely relieved of all the symptoms of an advanced kidney infection. Upon going to her doctor the next morning, he told her that she was completely well–with zero infection. I know that this was the result of The Divine energy coming through to do that.

Today I see even more what Jesus did. When Jesus healed the deaf and dumb man (Mark 7:32-37) the most dramatic part of this was when he loudly proclaimed, “Eth-phatah” and the man was completely healed. What this means is “be opened to the power of Sacred Unity!” (Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz from The Hidden Gospel, p. 33)  In other words, people were healed when Jesus reconnected them to their Divinity and they claimed their Divinity instead of the smallness that had dominated their lives. I’ve been writing much lately about claiming our Divine Self. This is very important for our physical healing too. I’ll share more on my next blog. Bless you all.

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